Good nutrition through whole 30 eating plan

What Is Whole30?

What is Whole30?

Food is only about two things – either making you more healthy, or less. There is no third option. So eating should be simple, shouldn’t it?

Eating isn’t just about knowing what’s healthy. It’s about the emotional connections we’ve made with food over the course of our entire lives. Did you gravitate towards a particular food when you felt happy or sad as a child? Did the holidays always leave you craving that sweet potato pie or green bean casserole?

The next thirty days provides an opportunity to learn about your control over food choices, or if you allow food to control you. Will you lose weight? Probably, but that’s not the goal. Your goal for the next thirty days is to better understand WHY you eat the way you do. Habits take much longer than thirty days to develop, so after the initial physical challenge of changing your diet, the next piece is the mental challenge of finding new, better-for-you comforts.

The topics and videos here will provide tons of information about how to successfully navigate this way of eating. But I don’t recommend going this alone; get your partner, kids, and coworkers involved, too! Having a group will give you resources when you struggle, or feel like breaking down and eating that office birthday cake, or drinking that glass of wine after a rough week. Society revolves around food, so make that work to your advantage.


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