Doctors don’t cure anything.

I know, this goes against most modern medicine and seems like a slap in the face to MDs, DCs, DOs, NDs, and everything in between. But let me tell you the truth: it is always your body that does the healing.

Our bodies know exactly what, where, and how much it needs—it is constantly working to keep our environment favorable for growth, repair, and activity.

This innate intelligence is something that we are born with, and it is there from our conception until the moment of death. It is not striving for equality, but rather for stability between the good and the not-so-good stressors that we all deal with daily.

Where in our daily life do we see innate intelligence at work?

  • It’s a gorgeous summer day here in Portland, maybe a little warmer than we all like. The temperature outside starts to rise as you’re doing yard work, so your body temperature starts to rise. In order to keep your body temperature around normal, you begin to sweat to release excess heat. If the temperature were freezing, your body would begin to shiver to raise your body temperature.
  • You miss landing a gnarly jump on the ski slope, and end up breaking your arm. When you arrive at the hospital, the doctor sets your bone and puts you in a cast. Are you completely healed at that point? No; your body needs time to lay down extra bone and repair the damage. Same thing goes if you were to cut yourself and need stitches. After the tissue has been stitched up, you still need to repair the skin and lower layers.
  • Fever is your body’s way of destroying invaders. Bacteria and viruses can only live within a very small window of temperatures. When your body is in a feverish state for a short period of time, the virus cannot reproduce and begins to die—this is only a small part of the immune response, but once your immunity has successfully destroyed any invaders, your body temperature returns to normal.

In all these examples, there must be a pathway that allows these different parts of the body to communicate with one another: that pathway is the brain and spinal cord, along with all the branching nerves that reach to every muscle, centimeter of skin, and organ of your body. Innate intelligence travels along these nerves, so they must be free from any sort of interference—physical, chemical, or emotional alike.

These irritants cause problems with communication between the brain and the body. A lack of communication leads to inflammation, or your body’s healing process. Nerves don’t respond well to inflammation, and will no longer communicate proper signals to the brain if the irritant is not corrected. Spinal misalignments are just one of the irritants that chiropractors work to correct, which ultimately allows innate intelligence to flow once more and heal the body.

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