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Percussion Massage Guns – Thoughts from a SW Portland Chiropractor

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Top 7 Myths and misconceptions about chiropractic care



For anyone who has experienced chiropractic adjustment, has felt first-hand what happens to the body when the brain is reconnected to the rest of your systems, you know that change doesn’t come easy. Individuals who search out ELEVATE Wellness + Chiropractic know that something needs to change, that the level of health you came in with is not how you want to live your life.

The process of change is uncomfortable. Think about a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. In order to move from its grounded state to one of freedom in the air, the insect must first be locked in a cocoon: cramped, dark, lonely. It must change, it must make new habits, new systems, new patterns, because the old ones won’t help it fly. While chiropractic won’t help you grow wings, it will help you reach that new level of health.

When we have a poor curve in our neck, or a spine that is not aligned appropriately for your body, muscles over time will become comfortable with this pattern. If we wish to modify this structure, and help the body to heal, it must go through a period of breaking old habits and patterns—this may not be comfortable, but it will all be for your good in the end.

The same process occurs when you commit yourself to a new workout program. Think of how sore and achy your muscles are after that first workout! When you go back the following day for another round or sweaty torment, you probably won’t be as sore after the workout, assuming all other parts of the experience are the same; why is that? Your muscles have begun to make new habits and patterns, and your chiropractic treatment is exactly the same concept. Change takes time, and it can sometimes be uncomfortable.